Les Mills US - creating Autoship page

The Problem

We received feedback from US team that it is hard for the Clubs and Instructors to understand the importance of Autoship and when Autoship is happening. Autoship is a key KPI, so ensuring that our customers (instructors and Clubs) understand the value 'should' lead us to selling more Autoship kits.

Discovery & Research

- Autoship was only communicated through email every quarter to our Clubs and Instructors. Nowadays with inboxes receiving lots of emails, it may be difficult to trace back for our users.
- We did not have any information about Autoship on our website
- If we build a new page, where would the entry points be for these users?
- Users want an easy glance on what and why autoship is important and when it is happening.


1. Create a page on our website to write about Autoship.
What needs to be included are:
- What is Autoship?
- Why is it important?
- When are the release dates?
- FAQs

2. Our users are Instructors and Clubs. Therefore, this page needs to be accessible for both parties.

User definition

As a Club (partner), I want to have a place where I can get all the autoship information that I need so I can best leverage them for my facility.

As an instructor, I want to have a place where I can get all of the autoship details I need year round. 

Layout / UI design

 I built the page through Figma in order to visually layout the idea on the following:
- Where are the touchpoints for both Clubs and Instructors are going to be.
- What would this Autoship page look like.


Figma was the tool for us to get sign off, so once that was approved, I (as the publisher) pulled the webpage together and published it live.https://www.lesmills.com/us/instructors/learn-develop/autoship
Touchpoints (How would the user navigate to the page organically)
For Clubs: https://www.lesmills.com/us/clubs-and-facilities/tools-resources/#launchFor Instructors: https://www.lesmills.com/us/instructors/learn-develop/ 

User testing

Once the page was live – we sent it to our internal US Club experience, Instructor experience and Pod team for review and feedbacks.


User testing could be more direct with our actual customers (clubs & instructors). So perhaps it would be useful to set up heatmaps and user feedbacks online to record them. Or interview a few users for usability tests on navigating through to the Autoship page.

Another way is to look at the Instructor and Clubs journey with Autoship, what/if there are other mediums our users use to understand Autoship? Can we communicate about Autoship earlier in the journey of a training instructor? Perhaps we need more education for our Clubs on what Autoship is?

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