Air NZ app website

While working at Air New Zealand, I had the opportunity to work with different teams across the business to update and create content on our website. One of the projects was a collaboration with Air NZ app (Product) team, IT and the UX team to reduce basic app related queries to help reduce calls at the Customer Contact Centre.
The Brief

The Air NZ Call centre was getting an extensive amount of calls about "how to use the Air NZ app". This has become an issue as the call centre wait time for the consumers were on average of 2 hour+ long.

Defining the issue & Ideation

To find and understand more about our users, we collected and analysed feedbacks from customer contact centre and online feedback forms, and conducted market research. After some discussion and brainstorming, as a part of the Website content team, I focused on wireframing an informative web design for the identified users. One priority was to make the site mobile friendly as majority of our users are viewing our website through mobile phones.

Prototyping & Testing

To make the process quicker, instead of wireframing through photoshop as we usually do, we hand drew a rough wireframe and then I created the page on our Content Management System (CMS) for review. This way our Product team would properly test the prototype pages before it goes live.


Below was the first version of the page - unfortunately I was not there long enough to learn about the page's performance, but we did add on heatmaps to review how the page performed and where/how can we optimise to make this page better through Google Analysis. Despite the lack of understanding on performance - I was excited to able to collaborate with the teams to create this first version of the feature page.

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