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While working at Air New Zealand, I had the opportunity to work with different teams across the business to update and create content on our website. One of the projects was a collaboration with Air NZ app (Product) team, IT and the UX team to reduce basic app related queries to help reduce calls at the Customer Contact Centre.
The Problem

The Air NZ call centre was getting an extensive amount of calls about "how to use the Air NZ app". This has become an issue as the call centre wait time for the consumers were on average of 2 hour+ long.

How did we tackle this problem?

To find and understand more about our users, we collected and analysed feedbacks from customer contact centre and online feedback forms, and conducted market research.

Prototyping & Testing

Once the data has been identified on the areas we need to work on, I went into designing the interface. Photoshop was our tool at Air NZ as Figma was not quite around yet (not that I know of!). The prototype was first drafted up on Photoshop, then straight into our content management system to get reviewed.


* The more brains to collaborate is way better than just one on the project.

* Mobile first approach to designing our page was worth the effort, as majority of our users for this page are mobile users.

* I can create gifs on photoshop?! See below.

* Always take photos of the process for portfolio ( I clearly didn't for this one )

Air NZ App website page gif
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