Agency website rebuild brief

Redesign of our agency website through design thinking
The Brief

The website was due for a renewal with new staff and new relocation of the agency. The previous website was not up to date with the agency's latest work and awards. The client (my manager) wanted these to be showcased in a more visual way on the website.


A simple website layout was built quickly as the client knew exactly what they wanted. We worked together to create the new structure and planned ideas on what images and content we need to get the site up as soon as we can.


We used the classic powerpoint to draft up our website structure and ideas to show our client. There were many meetings for feedback and edits until they were happy on what the structure. Photography came after the structure was decided. I had the pleasure to help photograph the photos around the office.


Squarespace was the medium for the client's website. Therefore majority of the testing was done on site and sending draft links over to our client to review. After a couple of weeks in review, we finally published the site live.


I was fortunate enough to work on this as I was working within the agency. The client (my manager) gave me a lot of space and time to test and explore on how this site would be presented. However one key learning would be set up simple heatmaps and analysis for the site as we did for many of our advertising clients, This would allow us to continue to improve and test whether the content on the site is relevant or not.
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